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NEW!! Orgone/Tachyon energy generator Dome**
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NEW!! Orgone/Tachyon energy generator Dome**
NEW!! Orgone/Tachyon energy generator Dome**
NEW!! Orgone/Tachyon energy generator Dome**
NEW!! Orgone/Tachyon energy generator Dome**

NEW!! Orgone/Tachyon energy generator Dome**

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NEW!!! Orgone / Tachyon energy Generator Enhancer Transmuter

This is a New Orgone/tachyon Dome that I have created. It is larger than the TB sized domes I have listed on ebay and is smaller than the large 6” dome listed. It is almost 4”(inches In diameter) Or all most 100mm in diameter and about 1.5”inches high or 40mm. I made this as a experiment to see if there would be a interest in this size of orgone/tachyon device. Obviously is will transmute more vibrations and cover a larger area than the smaller dome and less than the large domes that I have for sell, it is the middle man if you will perfect for very large houses and yards + more. This particular one has a steel infinity symbol which has a quarter of it covered in the orgone matrix on the top of the dome as you will see in the pictures with a translucent green top, 2nd layer is clear, and 3r layer translucent orange/yellowish . . This Dome is awesome to be around, the pure energy I feel from it almost brings a tear to my eye, just a amazing energy .
Made with 50%inorganic and 50%organic materials which Produces a perfect size orgone /Aether/tachyon generator/ accumulator device .

- inorganic >> copper silver Aluminum brass nickel iron and steel pieces.
- organic >> resin
- One coiled Tibetan quartz

-There are many many names given to the primal substance in which all things come from and manifest. All the names are just a representation and conceptualization of different peoples attempt to understand and help others to conceptualize this basic all pervading substance. Yes this substance can be concentrated in a local area through various means and orgone devices. Orgone devices are just one of the many ways that concentrate this substance where ever you wish it to be more prevalent, and it is a great and easy way to do so! So here are some of the almost unlimited names for this substance and some of the people who came to discover this substance and put their own interpretations on it. In actuality it is interpretation less because it is infant, boundless and anything and everything can be created from it and is created from it.

* AETHER, ORGONE, THE FORCE(AS IN STAR WARS), CHI, KI, TACHYON, I'CHOR, MIND, and so on, the list of words goes on and on that describe the same primal most basic force. (THE ONE THAT IS ALL)

- People that have come to the same end and conclusion in there life studies that have realized this substance or force(THE ONE THAT IS ALL) are endless to. naming a few-

* John Worell Keely, Nikola Tesla, Wilhelm Reich, Walter Russell, Viktor Schauberger, Even Jesus, Buddha, and the countless other saints avatars, masters and people. But few have come to fully master and understand it.

A orgone device or what ever name you want to use describe the devices that uses, accumulate and generates this most basic creative force are a good way to get started and acquainted in your journey , studies and mastery of the force!!

Orgone energy is the primordial life energy: the fundamental creative life force long known to people in touch with nature, speculated about by natural scientists as the universal ether, employed by acupuncturists, and finally objectified and scientifically demonstrated by the work of the late Wilhelm Reich, M.D.

Through years of experimentation and observation, Reich identified many of the basic properties of the orgone energy: it fills all space and is everywhere; it is mass free and is the primordial, cosmic energy; it penetrates matter, it pulsates and is observable and measurable; it has a strong affinity and attraction to/by water; it is accumulated naturally in the organism by foods, water, breathing, and through the skin. Orgone energy is negatively entropic - highly charged orgone systems attract lesser-charged energy systems.

Reich discovered a way to collect or "accumulate" orgone energy from the atmosphere. He developed a special enclosure developed from his experiments with the Faraday cage, called an accumulator, that is made from layers of organic materials which absorb and hold the energy, and inorganic materials which attract and then rapidly repel orgone energy. He found that the inside of a metal-lined enclosure that is layered with organic and inorganic materials contained a higher concentration of orgone energy which was detectable by a higher temperature reading inside the accumulator.
When a person with their own energy field comes into contact with an accumulating device, the two fields make contact and excite each other, creating a stronger excitation called "lumination." Reich found this strong orgonotic charge to be very beneficial to living systems. It may help to strengthen the immune system, improve circulation, and raise one's energy level. Investigations have shown that the orgone energy accumulator stimulates the body's parasympathetic nervous system, inducing relaxation and a feeling of expansion. Orgone radiation is not foreign to the body. The orgone in the atmosphere is just another form of the same orgone energy within your body. The accumulator concentrates that energy and helps the body to help itself.

In quantum physics, the energy that fills the cosmos is called "Zero-Point Energy." Formless, faster than the speed of light, and omnipresent, Zero-Point Energy is infinitely intelligent and contains everything needed to create perfect form. It has no spin, frequency or oscillation. It has no gravitational pull.

Tachyon Energy is omnipresent, limitless and has all the potential information to create perfect form in the universe. Just like Zero-Point Energy, Tachyon Energy has no spin, oscillation or frequency and is not affected by gravity. The real difference between Tachyon Energy and zero-Point Energy is that Tachyon Energy has form. A simple analogy can be seen if one thinks of the ocean in all its vastness. The ocean contains an infinite number of droplets within it; yet like Zero-Point energy, it is formless. If you were to remove on drop from the ocean, that drop would still contain everything within the ocean, but now it has form. Likewise, Tachyon Energy contains everything that exists within Zero-Point Energy, but now it has form.

The condensation of Zero-Point Energy into Tachyon energy is the beginning of the "Energetic Continuum," which is directly responsible for all forms on the planet. The next step in this Energetic Continuum is best explained in simplified terms of physics.

For this explanation we will explore the interaction of Tachyon energy with the "Lepton Family of Particles."

The first elementary particle in the Lepton Family is a pion. The pion exists below the speed of light and has a consistent, mathematically computable orbit. We call this orbit a "Subtle Organizing Energy Field" or SOEF for short. SOEFs exist just below the speed of light and are directly responsible for converting Tachyon Energy into the frequencies required to evolve, organize and create perfect form. All forms are comprised of different frequencies. The SOEFs convert Tachyon Energy into the particular frequencies needed by a particular form. In this case, the SOEF we’re discussing holds the pion in its orbit. The pion’s SOEF, existing just below the speed of light, interacts with faster-than-light Tachyon. As the Tachyon Energy is converted into the pion’s frequency by the SOEF, the pion evolves in an instant into a muon. The new muon has an orbit, which is 10 times larger than that of a pion. The muon’s SOEF still exists just below the speed of light. As the SOEF of the muon interacts with Tachyon, the orbit once again expands, and the muon evolves in an instant into an electron. This new electron has an orbit that is 207 times larger than the muon’s. This continual process of SOEFs converting Tachyon into the needed frequencies does not stop here, of course.

This process continues all the way down through the Energetic Continuum. Ultimately, the process continues until the perfect form is reached; whether it be a human being or any other form known to exist. Tachyon Energy is the binding energy of the universe. It is responsible for the creation of all forms on the planet. Most importantly, Tachyon Energy is the key element in the flow of energy from the infinitely formless all the way down to the perfect form. This is the Energetic Continuum.
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