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Orgone - Tachyon multi purpose disc - charging coaster/chakras   (Yellow) tb

Orgone - Tachyon multi purpose disc - charging coaster/chakras (Yellow) tb

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These are multi-purpose charging disc. This one in particular is YELLOW. Use it as a coaster to orgonize and tachyonize your drink, use it in energy work dealing with the 3rd chakra, or strategically place in your house because they are beautiful and can cover the area of any house and your property easily!

Also comes in RED ORANGE YELLOW GREEN BLUE INDIGO and PURPLE representing the chakras, which encompasses each specific vibratory frequency pertaining to each chakra !!

Accumulate all 7 of the them to work with the full spectrum of frequencies..

- inorganic >> copper silver Aluminum brass nickel iron and steel pieces.
- organic >> resin
- One coiled tibetan quartz.

Dimensions> diameter - 70mm height - 12mm

Orgone energy is the primordial life energy: the fundamental creative life force long known to people in touch with nature, speculated about by natural scientists as the universal ether, employed by acupuncturists, and finally objectified and scientifically demonstrated by the work of the late Wilhelm Reich, M.D.

Through years of experimentation and observation, Reich identified many of the basic properties of the orgone energy: it fills all space and is everywhere; it is mass free and is the primordial, cosmic energy; it penetrates matter, it pulsates and is observable and measurable; it has a strong affinity and attraction to/by water; it is accumulated naturally in the organism by foods, water, breathing, and through the skin. Orgone energy is negatively entropic - highly charged orgone systems attract lesser-charged energy systems.

Reich discovered a way to collect or "accumulate" orgone energy from the atmosphere. He developed a special enclosure developed from his experiments with the Faraday cage, called an accumulator, that is made from layers of organic materials which absorb and hold the energy, and inorganic materials which attract and then rapidly repel orgone energy. He found that the inside of a metal-lined enclosure that is layered with organic and inorganic materials contained a higher concentration of orgone energy which was detectable by a higher temperature reading inside the accumulator.
When a person with their own energy field comes into contact with an accumulating device, the two fields make contact and excite each other, creating a stronger excitation called "lumination." Reich found this strong orgonotic charge to be very beneficial to living systems. It may help to strengthen the immune system, improve circulation, and raise one's energy level. Investigations have shown that the orgone energy accumulator stimulates the body's parasympathetic nervous system, inducing relaxation and a feeling of expansion. Orgone radiation is not foreign to the body. The orgone in the atmosphere is just another form of the same orgone energy within your body. The accumulator concentrates that energy and helps the body to help itself.

Tachyon is a hypothetical particle that always moves faster than light. Most physicists do not think that such particles exist or are consistent with the known laws of physics. Tachyons could be used to send signals faster than light, and (according to special relativity) this leads to violations of causality.
The term "tachyon" (from the Greek: ταχύς or tachys: “swift, quick, fast, rapid”) was coined by Gerald Feinberg in a 1967 paper.[ Feinberg proposed that tachyonic particles could be quanta of a field with imaginary mass. However, it was later understood that the excitations of such fields do not propagate faster than light, but instead represent an instability (see tachyon condensation). Today, the term often refers to the imaginary mass fields studied by Feinberg, which have come to play an important role in modern physics.
In the language of special relativity, a tachyon would have space-like four-momentum and imaginary proper time, and would be constrained to the spacelike portion of the energy-momentum graph. Therefore, it cannot slow down to subluminal speeds. Potentially consistent theories that allow faster-than-light particles include those that break Lorentz invariance, the symmetry underlying special relativity, so that the speed of light is not a barrier.
Despite the theoretical arguments against the existence of faster-than-light particles, experiments have been conducted to search for them. Until recently, no compelling evidence for their existence had been found. In September 2011 the OPERA collaboration announced that they measured neutrinos travelling faster than the speed of light (see faster-than-light neutrino anomaly), which led to discussion of whether neutrinos could be tachyons. Flaws in the experiment were reported on 22 February of 2012 that might explain the anomaly

Non-Linier All permeating pervading Force Local Everywhere at the same time.
Causality is a fundamental principle of physics. If tachyons can transmit information faster than light, then according to relativity they violate causality, leading to logical paradoxes of the "kill your own grandfather" type. This is often illustrated with thought experiments such as the "tachyon telephone paradox"or "logically pernicious self-inhibitor."
The problem can be understood in terms of the relativity of simultaneity in special relativity, which says that different inertial reference frames will disagree on whether two events at different locations happened "at the same time" or not, and they can also disagree on the order of the two events (technically, these disagreements occur when spacetime interval between the events is 'space-like', meaning that neither event lies in the future light cone of the other).
If one of the two events represents the sending of a signal from one location and the second event represents the reception of the same signal at another location, then as long as the signal is moving at the speed of light or slower, the mathematics of simultaneity ensures that all reference frames agree that the transmission-event happened before the reception-event. However, in the case of a hypothetical signal moving faster than light, there would always be some frames in which the signal was received before it was sent, so that the signal could be said to have moved backwards in time. Because one of the two fundamental postulates of special relativity says that the laws of physics should work the same way in every inertial frame, if it is possible for signals to move backwards in time in any one frame, it must be possible in all frames. This means that if observer A sends a signal to observer B which moves faster than light in A's frame but backwards in time in B's frame, and then B sends a reply which moves faster than light in B's frame but backwards in time in A's frame, it could work out that A receives the reply before sending the original signal, challenging causality in every frame and opening the door to severe logical paradoxes.[ Mathematical details can be found in the tachyonic antitelephone article, and an illustration of such a scenario using spacetime diagrams can be found here.
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